Content Update 06-23-2019 (v 0.13)

  • Added two new patients, using models (and personalities) from my upcoming portal stuffing VN
  • Added more foods
  • Favorite foods mechanic: after the first session, you’ll know the patient’s favorite foods, and sometimes, the patient craves any favorite food (you can feed them any of the favorite food and they’ll eat)
  • Added new dialogues for the following sessions (improvements, how they see their new body…) not much added though.
  • Added drinks
  • Added small hint on next food craving
  • Added extended burp sounds when patients are at their third session (credit Bel#0670 for sounds)
  • Fixed bug when they change their minds too quickly
  • Added music toggle button in settings


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Jun 23, 2019
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Jun 23, 2019

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